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Fashion, tattoos and piercings: You CAN control your staff's dress code!

by , 31 July 2013
As winter comes to an end, all those layers of wool and cotton will begin to peel off. Someone in your office is bound to walk through your front door wearing something that's just not right! I've seen more than my fair share of workplace dress code disasters. Control what your employees should and shouldn't wear! Read on to find out how...

Fashion, tattoos and piercings: You CAN control your staff's dress code!

If you don't already have a dress code policy, I think it's time you had one in your workplace. What your employees wear has the same effect as your company logo. It represents what your company does. Many employees understand that smart casual also means professional. But there's often that one person who doesn't understand that what they're wearing is inappropriate! You could be standing right beside them with a big sign that says 'What you're wearing is wrong!' and they still wouldn't see it. But no matter what your company does a dress policy should be core to how you operate. 
Here are three issues your dress code policy should deal with.

Three issues your dress policy should deal with
There's a long list of issues you need to cover in your dress code policy, but to get you started here's three of the main issues.
  1. Hygiene;
  2. Tattoos and body piercings; and
  3. Their behaviour while they're wearing your company clothing.
 For example, would they be able to drink in public with the uniform on? A lot of inappropriate things can happen with just enough alcohol in your employees system that'll come back to haunt your company! That's why it's time you had an up to date dress policy!
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Best regards,
Practical Guide to Human Resources Management team
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Fashion, tattoos and piercings: You CAN control your staff's dress code!
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