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Five annoying leave questions you will never have to wonder about again

by , 10 March 2015
If you think you're overworked, think again, this would be a gross understatement. As a manager, you have a lot of tasks to fill, yet a serious amount of time is wasted when your employees ask you hundreds of questions about leave you think they should already know the answers to.

Questions like 'How much leave do I have left and is it paid or unpaid?' or… 'Will you accept this sick note from my traditional healer?' or even 'Can  I take family responsibility leave when my cousin's baby is born?'

I thought you might need some help with these, so I've picked some of the most annoying leave questions managers are asked and given you the right answers.
Question #1: One of the employees has fallen sick but just ran out of sick leave. What do I do?
If this happens, and your employee has indeed run out of paid sick leave and then falls ill, you should treat the absence as unpaid leave. You don't have to pay him for the time off and he can claim his pay from UIF  under these circumstances.
Question #2: Do we have to keep daily attendance registers?

Yes, you do. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act require you to keep daily attendance registers for all your staff. By keeping an accurate record to back you up, tackling the problem of absenteeism and leave requirement will be easier.
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Question #3: When must a sick note be produced?

According to current labour law, a sick note is only necessary after two consecutive days of absence. You can request a sick note to verify the employee's illness from day three. Sick notes can't be issued by anyone other than a medical practitioners or someone certified to diagnose and treat patients, and who is also registered with a professional council.
Question #4: What happens if there is no sick note?
No sick note, no pay! The law doesn't oblige you to pay employees who don't produce a valid certificate for the time they took as sick leave. And if one of your employees gives you a false medical certificate, you can discipline him for fraud and absence without leave.
Question #5: Are new employees entitled to family responsibility leave?

Family responsibility leave only applies  after they've worked for you for four months, and work at least four days a week.

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Five annoying leave questions you will never have to wonder about again
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