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Five reasons why your company needs to put proper HR policies and procedures in place

by , 06 May 2013
'The introduction of fair, reasonable and lawful policies and procedures, and proper control of your employees, is as good as money in the bank,' says the Labour Guide. Read on to discover why putting proper HR policies and procedures in place will ensure there's no recourse for your employees at the CCMA...

To reap the benefits of having good HR policies and procedures in place in your company, 'you need to take into account what laws apply and if there're any specific laws or agreements that apply to your industry and to your company,' says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

If your policies are fair, reasonable and lawful, you 'will seldom, if ever, be found in procedural unfairness in a CCMA dispute by following your own procedure,' says the Labour Guide.

Although HR policies play a major role in helping you manage your employees, there are also other reasons why you need to put them in place…

Five reasons to implement the right HR policies and procedures for your business

  1. They'll give you the guidelines to effectively deal with any disciplinary or performance-related problem;
  2. They provide a structured way for you to deal with issues raised by employees in a controlled, documented way before they escalate into bigger problems;
  3. They ensure you comply with your obligations to be fair and consistent while dealing with discipline, performance issues or grievances. And they help avoid the risk of disputes and being taken to the CCMA for unfair labour practices;
  4. Policies and procedures will help you comply with your legal obligations under labour legislation; and
  5. Employees will have certainty in the workplace of what's expected of them and what consequences will follow if they disregard your company's policies and procedures.

Remember, if you have very detailed HR policies and procedures, you must be able to stick to them and ensure that your employees understand them.

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Five reasons why your company needs to put proper HR policies and procedures in place
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