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Five reasons your employees may lodge a grievance

by , 18 September 2014
A grievance is a complaint by an employee about something at work that he isn't happy with.

There are a number of reasons that may cause an employee to be unhappy and lodge a workplace grievance.

Keep reading to discover five reasons your employees may lodge a grievance so you can manage complaints before they turn into major disputes and you land up with unhappy employees and even possibly a strike on your hands.

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Your employees may lodge a grievance due to these reasons

Reason #1: Incompatibility in the workplace 

For example, two employees share an office. Employee A's extremely untidy which drives B mad. Despite chatting to him, A refuses to do anything to improve his habits.

Reason #2: Unsatisfactory working conditions

For example, John complains about the noise in the area where works.

Reason #3: Unfair treatment by a manager or supervisor

An example of this would be if you discipline Sam for coming in late even though you know there's a train strike and Sam had no control over the situation.

Reason #4: Harassment, such as sexual or racial harassment

For example, a manager tells his secretary she won't get an increase if she doesn't perform a sexual favour.

Reason #5: Failure to acknowledge proposals the employee makes

For instance, John's boss often asks employees to come up with new ideas to save costs. John suggests a way that guarantees a way to save on stationery, but the boss doesn't even acknowledge his ideas and this happens often.

So what can you do about workplace grievances now that you know why employees may lodge them?

Just have a grievance procedure in place. 

In this article, we explain that a grievance procedure is a process your employees follow when they have complaints about their working conditions.

When employees lodge these workplace grievances, you must deal with them quickly so they don't turn into major disputes and make employees unhappy.

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Five reasons your employees may lodge a grievance
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