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Five tips for improving policy implementation

by , 08 May 2015
You should understand the importance of policy implementation and how the consequences can expand on the long run. Some of these are financial waste, disruption at the level of the organisation and many other factors that will damage your business.

In general, one of the biggest problems when it comes to policy being properly implemented is the lack of enough valid evidence. This causes decisions that will later on be hard to implement and monitor.

At present time, poor implementation is still widespread and it brings damages to many companies. Most companies face a reduced ability to execute strategy.

On the bright side, there is a global feeling of a growing need for more efficient policy  implementation. For instance, companies are cutting costs and changing their business models.

Here are some tips to help you improve your policy implementation

1. Make sure the problem is crystal-clear: keep in mind that all major objectives should match the analysis of what problem your company wants to solve. You need to develop a plan and monitor each step.

2. Work on every level and use various resources. You need to focus your attention on the attributes the company already has. Make sure you understand that the process takes place at all the levels of the company.

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3.    Keep an eye on the implementers. While you have to also work with others and sometimes use external resources, you are still responsible for an efficient monitoring. Make sure you understand the way the process develops and how the policy implementation is following the initial plan.

4.  Avoid disruptive policy implementation. A golden rule is this: Continuity is a vital ingredient of effective implementation. Whenever the policy implementation deals with a longer period of time, the risks for no longer achieving the goals increases.

5.    Choose top managers to focus on the progress. They will fix milestones, monitor the development of the policy implementation and offer important feedback on any aspect as time pases by.

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Five tips for improving policy implementation
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