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Follow Cricket Australia's example and implement a social media policy today!

by , 21 May 2013
Do your employees tweet in anger? They probably do, as the social media platform is filled with expletives. Best you act on this sooner rather than later. Because Cricket Australia is considering implementing a social media policy after its opening batsman David Warner started a public Twitter war with two journalists... But this is seen as too little too late as Warner's already damaged the brand. That's why you need to implement a social media policy today!

Australian cricketer David Warner's expected to plead guilty at a hearing tomorrow for breaching Cricket Australia's Code of Conduct.
The reason?
Warner expressed anger in the tweets aimed at newspaper journalists, which could see him suspended or even ordered to undergo counselling, says Sports.NDTV.
He's not the first to get in trouble with his superiors for social media use – and he certainly won't be the last. 
That's why Cricket Australia's now conceded that it may have to consider a framework of social media rules for its players.
Because while Cricket Australia's already trained its cricketers in understanding the pitfalls of social media, having a firm social media policy in place will help the players know where the lines are drawn.
The best way to ensure employees stick to your social media policy guidelines…
It's a good idea to make sure that your social media policy is signed by employees as proof that they've read through it, but you can also make your company's stance on social media use clear in your employment contracts.
Then, once an employee signs the contract, you can hold them liable for social media abuse, says FSPBusiness.
Don't forget the importance of refresher training, especially when it comes to social media use!
Once your social media policy's in place, put Cricket Australia's strategy in reverse: having implemented the social media policy, remember to train employees on what's expected of them.  
This way, they'll have a clear understanding of the consequences of not sticking to the social media policy and less likely to face disciplinary action for 'typing before they think'.

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Follow Cricket Australia's example and implement a social media policy today!
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