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Follow this procedure when your employee returns to work after being absent

by , 04 February 2014
Employee absenteeism is one of your biggest business headaches a business owner faces because it often means disruption to your business operations. That's why it's important you deal with it accordingly. Use this six-step procedure when an absent employee returns to work.

According to figures released by Statistics SA, absenteeism costs companies more than R12 billion annually, reports Money Web.

And according to Christo Botes, Executive Director of Business Partners Limited, the consequence of regular absenteeism for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can be detrimental.

'With SMEs being the key drivers of economic growth, many smaller businesses feel the financial loss of absenteeism considerably, due to the major role that each employee is likely to play within a relatively small team. The continued absence of one or two people within an SME can have a significant effect on a business.'

Luckily, engaging on a personal level with your employees can help reduce absenteeism. What does this mean? Today, we'll show you!

Follow this six-step procedure when an absent employee returns to work

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says you must adhere to the following procedure at all times when an absent employee returns to work:

Step 1: Make sure your employee goes for a post -absenteeism interview within 48 hours of returning to work.

Step 2: The interview must cover the following:

  • The duration of the absence
  • The reason for the absence
  • The reason for not getting permission to be absent
  • Documents to support the reason for the absence. This must include the leave form.

Step 3: You (the interviewing manager) and your employee must sign the post-absence interview form.

In 2013 you will contribute to R19 billion spent in sick leave!

Sounds impossible, I know. I didn't believe it either. But R19 billion is what sick leave costs South African companies a year. This is equal to the amount medical aids paid to suppliers in 2010.

And did you know R57million of that is from employees taking 'sick days' off purely because they just didn't feel like coming in to work?

Stop your employees abusing sick leave today! Our 27 experts will show you how…
Three more procedures to follow when an absent employee returns to work

Step 4: You must assess the reason for absence and determine the leave category to account for the absence, for example, sick leave.

Step 5: Your employee must complete a leave application form for the duration of the absence and indicate the reason as determined in Step 4 above. Both of you must sign this application form.

Step 6: Submit the leave form, post-absence interview form and any supporting documents to Human Resources within 48 hours of your employee's return to work.

Following this procedure will help ensure you effectively deal with absenteeism in your workplace.

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Follow this procedure when your employee returns to work after being absent
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