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Four ways to effectively manage absenteeism in your company

by , 17 April 2013
If you think absenteeism is just about your staff not being at work, you're wrong. It costs your company a great deal in money, time and productivity not to mention your own frustration. But you can nip it in the bud. Read on to discover four ways to manage employee absenteeism to ensure it doesn't gravely affect your company.

South African organisations suffer costs of between 6% to 10% of payroll because of employee absenteeism. This is according to The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

As an employer, this alone should be enough to make you want to tackle absenteeism.

But, to deal effectively with absenteeism, you need to understand why employees stay away from work and then implement a strategy for dealing with it.

'If you want to manage the problem of absenteeism effectively, identify and deal with the causes as well as corrective action against employees,' advises the Loose Leaf.

Use these four tips to manage your employees' absenteeism

  1. Have a clock-in-and-out system. This system will help you maintain accurate records of employees' whereabouts during office hours.
  2. Introduce incentive schemes to encourage employees not to be absent. Your incentive reward can either be financial or tangible. 'This could include items such as gift vouchers for good work ethic and attendance,' advises the Loose Leaf.
  3. Ensure managers effectively and stringently apply the policies and procedures regarding absenteeism. It's also important that your company deals with all employees consistently when it comes to absenteeism.
  4. Consider providing transport or accommodation for employees who live far from work. This can help prevent absenteeism because of public transport complications. But, be warned, if you're considering this option bear in mind the cost and possible liability if an employee is involved in an accident while using the company transport.

Remember, as a control measure it's vital to also have an absenteeism policy that'll clarify what you do and don't allow regarding absenteeism.

Using these tips will help ensure you manage the problem of absenteeism before it gets out of control and causes severe damage to your company.

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