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Get the most from your company's social media accounts by implementing effective social media policies

by , 11 March 2013
Nothing drains productivity more than having Facebook open in the corner of your screen, luring you in each time someone wants to chat or you notice a friend has loaded new photos from their weekend activities. But that's not to say you should ban social media in your company. In fact, you can put social media to good use if you set firm rules about its use in place from the outset. For example, Ohio State University is implementing a social media policy for Facebook and Twitter use as it's running social media accounts to promote the University. The guidelines will help the administrators of the social media accounts, as they'll know exactly what they should and shouldn't post in the social media space. Here's how to do so...

'Social media policies. Chances are your company has one, is in the process of drafting one, or is worried about not having one,' says Mondaq.
Especially as it's to point out how easy it is for employees to post something a bit too personal or downright defamatory comments in the social media space, which sometimes leads to court action. 
You know they're on Facebook – either blatantly having the social media site open on their desktops or by constantly tapping away at their smart phones.
But more and more companies are now getting employees to run social media accounts on the company's behalf, says FSP Business.
If the thought of doing so makes your blood run cold, breathe easy.
There's a way to minimise the risk of having employees post something in the social media space that could get them – and your company into trouble.
All you need to do is institute a workplace communication policy, says FSP Business
The DynamicBusiness website says having a specific social media policy in place will assist in keeping everyone on the same page by providing guidelines around what is acceptable behaviour in the social media space. 
This way, you can harness your employees to be the voice of the business to promote and market new products and services. 
Here's what to include in your social media policy
Cognoscenti says it's a good idea for companies to have formalised guidelines or ground rules for how employees may use social media
It's up to you what you put in the policy though.
Mashable says it's a good idea to tell employees to respect copyrights – it's easy to publish a 'well known quote' without attributing it to the correct author – that's actually plagiarism though, and could get your company into trouble. So tell employees to always give proper credit for anything they publish in the social media space.
It's also a good idea to warn employees against publishing confidential company information in the social media space. Anything about your competitors or clients is probably a 'no go' area. 
The best way to enforce your social media policy: regular training
Then, once you've implemented the social media policy, remember to train employees on what's expected of them.  They'll have a clear understanding of the consequences of not sticking to the social media policy and less likely to unknowingly bring your company's name into a bad light on the social media space.

Download your social media policy here now!


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Get the most from your company's social media accounts by implementing effective social media policies
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