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Here's how to deal with conflict and infighting in your company

by , 31 January 2014
The Democratic Alliance (DA) revealed earlier this week that Agang's leader Dr Mamphela Ramphele would be the DA's presidential candidate in the upcoming general elections. Soon after that announcement, reports emerged that there was infighting in Agang SA, with some members saying they weren't consulted about Ramphele's move. The party has since denied the rumors of infighting. It'll be interesting to see what happens next. But what does this have to do with you? Well, conflict doesn't only happen in the world of politics. It could also happen in your business. Read on to find out how to deal with conflict and infighting in your workplace.

No matter what you do, there'll always be conflict in your company. And when it happens, you need to manage it.

In fact, the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says 'the key to approaching conflict constructively is to recognise it as a process to be managed and not something to be avoided or eliminated.

Here's how to effectively deal with conflict and infighting in your company

When you deal with a conflict situation, bear in mind that your employees will naturally want to explain their viewpoint because they believe that if you understood their perspective, you'll come to the same conclusions they did.

Encourage employees to explain their side of the story when dealing with conflict: A major drawback in conflict resolution is fear.

Employees fear they won't get what they want or will lose something they value. There's also a tendency for them to believe that one of them will lose if the other is going to win. This results in a belief that the difference can only be resolved competitively.

Keep reading to find out how to mediate a session with the employees...


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Mediate in a conflict situation: A good idea is to mediate a session between the conflicting parties.

Mediation is helpful in that it allows the two parties to discuss issues, repair past injuries, and develop the tools needed to face disagreements effectively.

You can help your employees face their blind spots, broaden their perspectives and even muddle through the problem solving process.

The bottom line: Conflict and infighting in the workplace is destructive. Be proactive and get it under control before it disrupts your business.

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Here's how to deal with conflict and infighting in your company
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