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How to motivate your employees to accept changes in your company in 2014

by , 08 January 2014
I'm sure you have many changes you want to make in your company to make 2014 a more successful year. But to make any changes, you need your employees to execute them. Read on for four steps to motivate your employees to accept the changes you plan to make this year.

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Four steps to motivate your employees to accept change in your company
Step One: Show your employees why they need to change
People only change when they feel there is a problem with how things are at the moment. You must point out why they should change in the first place. For example:
  • Poor performance ratings.
  • Bad customer service.
  • Dropping sales figures.
Whatever your change is going to fix, make sure your employees identify with the need for the change first.
Step Two: Paint a picture or vision of where you want to go
Most people find it hard to believe there's another way to work. As a leader you should talk to your employees and engage them. Share ideas about new ways of working together to get better results. 
Here's a tip, bring your team together and draw up a statement describing the desired workplace of tomorrow. Describe it in present tense, as if it's already a reality. Then they have an idea of where they want to be.

Two more steps to motivate your employees to accept change
Step Three: Agree on what must change
Once you agree on the need for change and a vision or picture of where you want to go,  then you can start to narrow things down and decide what you must change to achieve this vision. The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management gives examples of exact target areas in your company where you can change to reach your objective. For example, a good target area is technology; you'll assign a specific change like, get rid of old equipment and reduce down time.
Step Four: Show the desired future is practical and achievable
Most of the time, people aren't sure about the future because they don't believe things will really ever change. Make it easy for them; identify quick wins they can relate to. You can do this by:
  • Using the example of one division in the company which has already shown some improvement or achieved success; or
  • Telling your staff about an innovation or change which one of your competitors or business rivals has introduced, and challenging them to respond.
Now that you and your team have a realistic idea of why you need to change and what kind of changes you should make, you're ready to lay out your plans for the year.
Until next time,
Yvonne Eribake
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How to motivate your employees to accept changes in your company in 2014
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