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If you don't have a succession plan in place, you risk an ANC-style succession battle tearing your business apart

by , 23 July 2013
If you can learn anything from the ANC, it's how NOT to run a business! The ruling party is in the news because a vicious succession battle has derailed their work. If you don't have a succession plan, this could happen to your business! Here's how to avoid a succession battle in your workplace...

News24 reports the ANC is crumbling from the inside out because of a succession battle.

And it's not the first organisation to face this issue.

Those vying for top spots often sacrifice their productivity for their own self-interests. How can you prevent a succession battle in your business?

It's simple: Plan ahead.

You need a succession plan

Whether you have a huge company or a small start-up business, you need a succession plan. If you don't plan ahead, when changes happen, there will be office politics and of course a loss of productivity.

The benefits of succession planning

Succession planning has plenty of benefits to your business. The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says that succession planning…
  • Keeps talent within the company.
  • Avoids costly recruitment fees from outside hires.
  • Ensures new candidates have the skills and training they need when they take up a new position.
  • Reduces office politics and 'power struggles' that lower productivity.
  • Motivates employees to think about their future in the company.
  • Keeps knowledge of company operations within the company.

How to implement a succession plan

Start your succession plan with these steps…
  1. Identify high potential workers. Managers can nominate workers, or workers can step forward and nominate themselves.
  2. Interview the high potential candidates who fit the bill for a soon-to-be open position.
  3. Assign a mentor or coach for the candidates who fit the bill.
  4. Give them plenty of chances to learn and train.
  5. If they're ready, discuss results and develop an action plan to place the candidate in the desired position.

Don't let an ANC-style succession battle bog down your business. Implement a succession plan successfully and you'll keep your business talented and productive.

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If you don't have a succession plan in place, you risk an ANC-style succession battle tearing your business apart
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