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Make your employees want to come to work! Use these eight strategies to reduce absenteeism

by , 04 October 2013
Absenteeism costs you thousands of rand every year. Not to mention lost time in production. Put a stop to it today using these eight strategies.

The consequences of absenteeism on you business are dire. And that's because employee absenteeism often means:

  • Disruption to your business operations;
  • Resentment amongst other workers who have to do the absentee's work;
  • Your production falls behind;
  • Disgruntled customers for work not finished in time, or not at all;
  • You have to fork out for temporary replacement workers;
  • Extra overtime costs because you need employees to catch up the work; and
  • Financial losses due to all of these reasons.

The good news is, there are strategies you can use to nip absenteeism in the bud.

Use these eight methods to reduce absenteeism in your company

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service recommends you implement strategies that are attractive to employees and assist them in staying interested and committed to their work and your company.

Here are some of the strategies you can use to deal with absenteeism:

#1: Create work teams. This is an excellent way to ensure all employees are involved.

#2: Ensure employees are able to make an input into decisions that affect them by creating participative work groups.

#3: Buy or create a good leave management system that'll help you track absenteeism and identify trends.

#4: Develop a solid policy on absenteeism that outlines how management should deal with cases of absenteeism, including post -absenteeism interviews and counselling.

The policy must also detail what'll happen if trends and patterns or evidence reveal abuse of leave and the relevant penalties.

#5: Make your employees aware of the huge cost of absenteeism and the impact it has on morale and fellow-workers.

#6: Pay attention to job satisfaction, making tasks as interesting as possible. Try job rotation and ad hoc project involvement where possible.

#7: Monitor all situations of conflict carefully and where necessary deal with conflict in the workplace before it results in absenteeism. Curb bullying quickly.

#8: The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service adds that some forward-thinking companies also offer financial incentives for good attendance or add it as a criterion for motivational awards such as 'employee of the month'. Your company can also consider using this method.

Absenteeism could cost your business enormously. So make use of these strategies to reduce it.

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Make your employees want to come to work! Use these eight strategies to reduce absenteeism
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