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One thing the Reserve Bank must do before Gill Marcus leaves her post

by , 19 September 2014
Yesterday, South African Reserve Bank Governor, Gill Marcus, announced that she'll step down when her five-year term ends on the 8th of November.

Marcus made the announcement at the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting where she revealed the repo rate will remain unchanged at 5.75% per annum. She said, 'this is my last MPC. I have advised the president some time ago that I would not be available for renewal.'

Marcus leaves the Reserve Bank with big shoes to fill. She's credited for being a great leader who has guided South Africa through a turbulent five years since the global financial crisis.

As Marcus prepares to vacate her office in the next coming weeks, there's one thing the Reserve Bank must do before she leaves. And no, it's not throwing a farewell party.

Read on to find out what they must do because you too will have to do it when one of your employees resigns...

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The one thing the Reserve Bank must do before Gill Marcus leaves is to hold an exit interview 

An exit interview is an interview you have with an employee who's resigned from your company, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Exit interviews allow you to gather information on reasons for a high staff turnover rate and other issues the employee might have had.

Now we're not saying Gill Marcus had unresolved issues, but having an exit interview with her will allow the Reserve Bank to identify underlying organisational issues and facilitate the process of developing solutions to address them.

An exit interview applies to your company as well

This isn't something that only the Reserve Bank must do, you must do it too in your company. So sit down with a departing employee and have an exit interview with her before she leaves.
Not only will you get useful feedback so you can improve your company and its employment conditions, you'll also get the chance to revisit confidentiality agreements and ensure these are adhered to so you can end things on a friendly note.
Just remember, this interview isn't about placing blame on the departing employee, it's all about getting feedback.

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One thing the Reserve Bank must do before Gill Marcus leaves her post
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