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Protect your company from moonlighting employees

by , 16 April 2013
Moonlighting happens when an employee takes on extra work after hours for remuneration or takes a second job. Usually when employees are charged with conflict of interest or non-declaration of interest, the defence is one of ignorance of policies and procedures. Read on to find out how you can protect your company from moonlighting...

Under the Corruption Act, as an employer you can consider moonlighting by employees to constitute criminal corruption. And it's a criminal offence for you, as an employer not to report corruption corrupt activities.

But you can protect yourself and your company from any corrupt activities of moonlighting employees.

In fact, to maximise the protection afforded under this Act, you can put policies and procedures in place to protect your company from moonlighting employees

Use these three procedures to protect your company from moonlighting employees

  1. Make sure your businesses' policies and procedures clearly state that no external remunerated work is allowed, without your prior written permission.
  2. Compel employees to disclose any close personal or other relationship with any supplier or client of the business. 'In the fight against white collar crime, it has been shown that it's vital to eradicate moonlighting linked to suppliers,' says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
  3. Require employees to complete a declaration of interests on an annual basis. This declaration of interests should include:
  • A verbatim quote of the company's policy on external interests an acknowledgment by the employee that he understands the policy, and
  • A declaration by the employee of any external interests, which should be specified, like 'any remunerated work performed for external entities,' says the Loose Leaf. This is regardless of whether this work is, or isn't, in conflict with the business conducted by the employer.

Putting these procedures in place will ensure your company is protected from moonlighting employees who might be committing corrupt activities right under your nose.

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Protect your company from moonlighting employees
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