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Protect your company's reputation with a Call Avoidance Policy

by , 03 May 2013
Your company has an image to uphold. The last thing you want is to have your reputation damaged just because of one distasteful phone call. Don't let this happen to your company. Read on to discover why implementing a Call Avoidance Policy will help ensure your employees stick to telephone answering etiquette that upholds your company's reputation.

A Call Avoidance Policy ensures that your company's call centre staff and other employees in your company stick to a telephone call answering standard that doesn't bring your company's name into disrepute.

If your employees answer company calls in a disrespectful manner or, worse, avoid taking calls all altogether, your company's reputation will suffer and you could lose business. Putting a Call Avoidance Policy in place will put an end to this – here's how…

Here's how a Call Avoidance Policy will benefit your company's reputation

  1. The policy will ensure all incoming calls are answered without delay.
  2. Your company Call Avoidance Policy will help ensure 'employees answer phones in a polite, helpful and most importantly respectful manner, irrespective of the manner or tone that the customer has adopted in the call,' says The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
  3. Telephone calls through your company's Call Centre will be recorded. To ensure employees are compliant with the policy, you can randomly select certain recordings and listen to the telephonic discussion contained therein.
  4. The policy will give you assurance that Call Centre staff and other employees are dealing with customers in a professional manner. This will ensure your company's 'reputation is not tainted by Call Centre staff that are rude and unhelpful to customers and their concerns/complaints,' says the Loose Leaf.

Remember, you can amend your company's Call Avoidance Policy from time to time depending on your company's operating procedure.

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Protect your company's reputation with a Call Avoidance Policy
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