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Protect yourself from a PR disaster like the FHM rape-joke fiasco with a water-tight social media policy

by , 18 July 2013
Social media is both a blessing and a curse to business owners. On one hand, it can expand the reach of your brand and connect positively with customers; on the other hand, it could bring your brand crashing down. One thing's for sure: you can't let social media run unchecked in the workplace! Protect yourself from a PR disaster like the one at FHM right now with these social media policy tips...

The FHM rape joke fiasco has been making waves all over social media since two FHM writers made vile remarks on Facebook on Tuesday, reports IOL News.

Social media isn't just about your company's Facebook page

The two writers both made crude jokes about rape on their personal Facebook accounts, but because their names are associated with the FHM brand, senior managers at the magazine took action and publicly distanced the brand from the offending employees.

The offending comments were made on company time and property, so FHM editor Brendan Cooper sent the pair home and says disciplinary procedures are under way.

How can you make sure a few crude employees don't damage your brand? With a water-tight social media policy, that's how…

The FSP Business Social Media Policy is an 11 page customisable, legally compliant Social Media Policy template that is affordable and downloadable. And the good news is you don't have to be a social media grinch and restrict all access to social media inside working hours or on company property.

Social media is the lifeblood of the internet, and allowing your employees to build your brand through social media can be a profitable and rewarding exercise. All you need to do is put precautions in place so the privilege can't be abused.

So by using a legally compliant social media policy in your business, you can benefit from all the good of social media without suffering from the bad and the ugly side.

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Protect yourself from a PR disaster like the FHM rape-joke fiasco with a water-tight social media policy
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