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Racism rears its ugly head at the National School of the Arts! Avoid a similar situation with these three effective tips

by , 05 June 2014
The National School of the Arts (NSA) is embroiled in a racism scandal.

On Tuesday, it emerged that a grade eight history teacher told learners that, 'black people are demons and government is failing because it's led by black people.'

According to a report by The Star, a 13 year-old girl, attending the class at the time of the incident, sent an SMS to her mother saying the teacher said black people were stupid for voting for the ANC and that residents of the Western Cape were, 'more than happy,' with the Democratic Alliance (DA) thanks to 'white people'.

An investigation into the incident is underway following a complaint by the girls' parent.

This incident has once again cast the spotlight on racism in South Africa. If you're an employer, you can't afford to sweep it under the carpet in your workplace. Labour laws urge you to curb it.

Read on to discover three effective tips to help you manage racism in the workplace.

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Manage racism in the workplace with these three tips

Tip #1: Have sound policies and procedures

In this article, experts behind the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service, say you must have policies and procedures in place to combat racism in the workplace.

They say these policies and procedures must incorporate action plans detailing the measures you'll undertake to provide a non-discriminatory workplace.

You must also ensure your employees sign your company's anti-racism policies.

If you don't make them sign, they'll plead ignorance when you bust them for incidents of racism.

Tip #2: Investigate incidents of racism immediately

The experts add that if an incident of racism happens in your workplace, you must investigate it immediately. And once you have, you must deal with it in line with your disciplinary or grievance procedure.

There's one more tip you must use to manage racism or incidents of racism in the workplace.

The ONLY way to seamlessly protect your business from being dragged to the CCMA every time you have an employee problem is to have a comprehensive HR Policy Manual in place.

One more tip to help you manage workplace racism

Tip #3: Interview minorities or provide surveys on diversity

Global Post.com says, when you conduct these surveys, you can ask what challenges minorities face in the workplace and ask what they would like to see change.

The site also advises you to provide ongoing training on workplace diversity.

'Make sure employees understand the benefits of working in a diverse company and stay informed of anti-discrimination laws and any changes.'

There you have it. Using these tips will help ensure you manage workplace racism.

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Racism rears its ugly head at the National School of the Arts! Avoid a similar situation with these three effective tips
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