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Six factors to take into account when drawing up workplace policies and procedures

by , 03 September 2013
Whether you're drawing up policies and procedures for your business from scratch or you're reviewing what you have in place already, start by asking yourself what the purpose of these policies is in your business. To do this, take these pointers into account...

According to the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service, before drawing up policies and procedures for your business, you must first decide why you want to implement them and what their purpose in your business is.

Another important question you must ask before you draw up policies is: What kind of workplace am I catering for?

Here's what you must take into account to do this…

Drawing up policies and procedures in your workplace? Take these pointers into account

#1: How many employees do you have? If you have more than 10 employees, you'll need to think about the number of policies and procedures you'll need.

If you only have five employees, you only need the most important, basic policies.

#2: What's their level of education? This'll determine the simplicity of the language you need to use in your policies and procedures.

#3: Who are your managers and who do they manage? You'll need to look at the number and types of employees your managers are in charge of.

#4: Is your workforce unionised and, if so, what percentage? If the majority of your staff fall within the jurisdiction of unions, you need to check the union's specific policies, procedures and rules. Then include them in your own policies.

#5: Is there one workplace or do you have multiple sites? You need to consider if you'll implement the same policies and procedures across all your sites, or if certain documents apply to certain sites.

For example, you wouldn't implement a Call Avoidance Policy for Customer Services Agents in your manufacturing warehouse.

#6: What kind of industry are you in? This'll also determine if you have Bargaining Council or Union agreements and what you need to look at and implement within your business.

And remember, the answers to these questions will help you decide:

  • The kind of policies and procedures you need;
  • How detailed or how simple they need to be;
  • If they need to have broad guidelines; or
  • If they must take employees step-by-step through exactly what to do in each type of situation.

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Six factors to take into account when drawing up workplace policies and procedures
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