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Spread the good news faster by getting your social media policy in place today!

by , 20 March 2013
There's no doubt social media use by businesses is on the rise. Even London's police are making an effort to get involved and understand how to use the platforms. Wary business owners are also seeing the light that they shouldn't be scared of word of mouth referrals from social media. In fact, it's better to be active in the social media space so you can control the message that's put across to the world about your company - but you need a good social media policy to do so. Here's what to include in your social media policy...

London's police service is set to study social media and texting, so that citizens can send a text, audio or video to them for help in a crisis through its 'Next Generation 911' initiative, says CTVNews.
This is expected to drastically cut down on response times.
Most of the corporate world has beaten the police force to it, with many already monitoring Twitter and Facebook for any references to their companies that they can act on.
This is great news for consumers, as they can expect almost instant responses when they make a comment in the social media space, says FSP Business.
With this comes a need for social media training!
Business owners are hesitant to trust social media as there have been so many cases of employees badmouthing their employers through social media.
The truth is, good news spreads faster on social media, writes the Economic Times
So social media can effectively act as a cheap public relations tool for your company.
That's why you need to make sure your employees are well trained on your company's expectations from them when they use social media channels.
The simplest way to do this is to put together a social media policy.
Here's what your social media policy should include…
It's important to remind employees that social media isn't just a space to unleash their feelings.
If you expect then to engage customers in conversations in the social media space, make it clear in your social media policy that the employees are representing the company and that you're trusting them to act accordingly.
The truth's out: Social media's a great way to spread word of mouth referrals for your company
You can go so far as to include a clause stating 'Word of mouth is extremely important to us. If you can make the experience better than expected, do it,' says Mashable.
It's the easiest way to explain how you expect your employees to behave in the social media space!

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Spread the good news faster by getting your social media policy in place today!
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