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The policy you wish you didn't need to have...

by , 08 July 2016
The policy you wish you didn't need to have...Earlier last month, I wrote about sexual harassment in the workplace and what you need to do to stop it.

I won't go into the details again here. You can read the bulletin here.

Hopefully, you don't work in an environment anything like the one in which these incidents occurred.

But I want to point out is that unlawful sexual harassment can take the form of a much more subtle beast…
Risqué jokes, sexual banter, unwelcome requests for dates, and even swearing have all been identified in case law and legislation as giving rise to unlawful sexual harassment.
You also need to remember that if unlawful sexual harassment occurs in connection with the harassed person's employment, you could be held vicariously liable for the conduct.
This is why you need to be able to prove that you've done everything possible to prevent your employees from engaging in unlawful behaviour.
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The most obvious place to start is by implementing a current and comprehensive sexual harassment policy.

You'll find a checklist of what this needs to include plus a legally sound downloadable template in the FSPBusines eBook, The Complete Sexual Harassment Adviser.
This essential resource also explains:

·         Step-by-step instructions on how to deal with the victim to make sure you don't land up at the CCMA and pay out thousands of Rands for the damages because he/she claims you didn't protect them...
·         Detailed instructions on how to deal with the offender so you won't be accused of unfair discrimination against the employee regardless of whether he/she's guilty or not...
·         Quick and easy solutions to resolve sexual harassment so you don't have to spend thousands paying lawyers for advice...
·         Case studies that show you how courts have ruled for and against employers for fulfilling (or failing to fulfil) their requirements...
·         And much more.
We'd all like to think we work in an environment where sexual harassment just doesn't exist.
But if an allegation is made in your workplace, you definitely don't want to be found to have neglected your obligations.
Click here to learn more about The Complete Sexual Harassment Adviser and how it can help you!
P.S. There are more than 50 HR Policies and Procedures you need to implement in your business, and we have the templates for all of them. Get yours here…

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The policy you wish you didn't need to have...
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