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Think exit interviews are unnecessary? Consider these four benefits

by , 05 September 2014
An exit interview is when you interview an employee who's leaving your company. You ask him why he's leaving and review his history with your company.

Most employers think these interviews are unnecessary and a waste of time because the employee is leaving anyway and they think it's best to focus on the future, like finding a replacement so life can go on.

If you're one of these employers, take a look at the four benefits of conducting exit interviews - they may change your views.

Revealed: The four benefits of conducting exit interviews

Exit interviews will help you to:

Benefit #1: Determine the real reasons for people leaving

Exit interviews are a useful diagnostic tool for uncovering underlying hidden agendas and may contribute to reversing the employee's decision if appropriate.

Benefit #2: Minimise the risk of litigation

It's increasingly important to ensure that all possible processes have been covered in the termination process to minimise any risk of future litigation by the departing employee.

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Benefit #3: Collect key information for the job description

The person who has hands-on experience can be the best source of information for improving and clarifying the job description and required skills and capabilities, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

The Guide adds, 'this improved understanding will in turn contribute to reducing future employee turnover and improving induction and succession planning.'

Benefit #4: Identify and manage trends and underlying company issues

Exit interviews are an excellent way to identify underlying company issues which may be the cause of high employee turnover. You can use the information you get from the interview to deal with the problems.

For example, if you find there's a sexual harassment problem in your company, you can take steps to put an end to it.

There you have it: We hope these compelling benefits will change your mind about exit interviews.

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Think exit interviews are unnecessary? Consider these four benefits
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