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Three tips to eradicate racism in the workplace

by , 17 May 2013
'Racism in the workplace is often covert in nature and systematically undermines targeted employees over a period. This undermines their confidence and ultimately their ability to perform,' the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service warns. Ensure this doesn't happen in your company by using these three methods to manage racism.

If there's one thing South African courts have a zero tolerance on tolerate, it's racism.

You must eradicate racism and promote diversity in your workplace. It's not worth the legal or financial costs your company will suffer if you ignore it.

You can do this by creating a peaceful and tolerant working environment that'll keep your employees happy and productive.

Use these three methods to manage racism in your company

  1. Adopt a zero-tolerance approach. Send out a strong message to your employees, at all levels of your company, that you won't tolerate racism and false accusations of racism. 'Actively encourage open communication between the various reporting lines to enable employees who are the victims of racism to speak openly about it,' says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
  2. Have sound policies and procedures. Ensure your company has policies and procedures in place that are aimed at combating racism in the workplace. These policies and procedures can incorporate action plans detailing measures you'll undertake to provide a non-discriminatory workplace. Also review your policies regularly and update them when there are developments in our case law. Remember to ensure your policies include grievance and disciplinary mechanisms that outline processes employees must follow if an incident of racism occurs.
  3. Celebrate diversity. Encourage managers to learn and understand different cultures and develop an intercultural ethos in staff areas such as the canteen.

Using these methods will help you eliminate racism in your company and avoid the disruptions in causes.

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Three tips to eradicate racism in the workplace
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