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To resolve workplace grievances effectively, apply this tip to your grievance procedure

by , 17 September 2014
In-house conflicts can easily get out of hand and cause disruptions in the workplace. But, you can easily avoid all of this if you have a grievance procedure in place to deal with workplace grievances.

A grievance procedure is a process your employees follow when they have complaints about their working conditions.

Now there's one tip we recommend you apply when it comes to your company's grievance procedure.

Read on to discover what it is so you're able to resolve workplace grievances effectively.

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This grievance procedure tip will help you resolve workplace grievances effectively

Tip: Make sure your grievance procedure allows for employees to lodge further grievances with senior management.

Your grievance procedure must allow for a next step if the grievant isn't happy with a response from you (his direct manager) or if you fail to solve the matter in time.

In fact, experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management say it's a good idea to have a three-tier system of complaint referral.

The first level is where your employee raises the complaint with you (his direct manager). After this, he can go to the next level of management and finally, the last step is approaching the CEO or MD.

However, you must always allow for your employees to by-pass some of the steps if the person he's lodging the grievance against is in that hierarchy.

The great thing about making sure employees can lodge grievances with senior management is that if you can't solve the problem, the next person can look at it. This means grievances won't fester and cause disruptions. There will be a quick resolution to the problem and employees will get back to doing their jobs.

So make sure you apply this tip to your grievance procedure so you can resolve workplace grievances effectively.

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To resolve workplace grievances effectively, apply this tip to your grievance procedure
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