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Want your employees to work overtime? Consider these seven points

by , 20 May 2013
Fact: You can't compel an employee to work overtime unless you have an agreement in place. This is according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). But there's a way to manage overtime issues efficiently. Here are seven points you need to consider if you need your employees to work late.

Your employee can say 'no' to working overtime! If you don't have an agreement with your employee to work overtime, it won't be easy to deal with him when he refuses to work overtime.

This is just one of the niggling issues you'll face when it comes to dealing with overtime. So if you'll require your employees to work extra hours, here are seven factors you should keep in mind to ensure your business doesn't suffer.

Key issues to consider when you need employees to work overtime

  1. If there's a chance your employees must work overtime, make it compulsory in your employment contracts.
  2. Decide if agreeing to the option of time off instead of payment for overtime makes business sense.
  3. Audit your work schedules to make sure you're not making employees work more overtime than what's allowed.
  4. 'Audit your payroll to make sure you pay correctly for overtime. Check the wording of your employment contracts and make sure you can rely on the higher earnings threshold before you refuse to pay overtime,' says The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
  5. Check if your disciplinary code is in line with your overtime policy in your employment contracts.
  6. Ensure you've warned employees about the penalties if they refuse to work overtime and check if the penalties are appropriate given the importance of overtime in your business.
  7. Check if you're at risk if an overtime ban happens and if you have a contingency plans for this risk.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you manage overtime more efficiently.

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Want your employees to work overtime? Consider these seven points
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