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Warning: Never let your employees get away with these five examples of racism

by , 05 March 2014
Racism is just one of the things you should NEVER allow in your workplace. The courts don't tolerate it and it's just bad for business. So don't let your employees off the hook if they commit any of these five forms of racism.

Revealed: Five examples of racism you should never allow your employees to get away with

Before we get to examples of racism, let's define racism in the workplace.

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service defines racism as discrimination or prejudice against an employee or group of employees based on the employee's race.

Now one of the things you can do to curb racism is to implement a racism policy.

The five steps to take when implementing this policy are as follows:

  1. State your objectives.
  2. State your purpose.
  3. Draft a definitions clause.
  4. State who it's applicable to.
  5. Provide examples of racism.

For the purposes of this article, we'll focus on number five: Examples of racism.

Providing examples of racism will help your employees to understand what's expected of them.

Here are some examples of racism you can't let your employees get away with:

#1: Sending any offensive material or links to people via the electronic network.

The Loose Leaf Service  says the real danger of email and sms is it's quick and easy to press a button, without any forethought whatsoever. Before you know it, an employee has copied in the entire workforce on a grossly unacceptable email.

You must have a strict email policy. Also, link this policy to your internet policy and make sure they cross-reference each other.

#2: Telling racist or insensitive jokes in the workplace, either directly, or within view and earshot of others.

#3: Making direct verbal or written racial comments, slurs or any other form of communication or name calling.

#4: Alluding to racially biased stereotypes or historically racially-linked symbols.

#5: Basing any employment policy or practice on racially perceived characteristics. For instance, basing any appointment, selection, job assignment, recruitment procedure, promotion, selection for training and development, demotion, disciplinary procedure and termination on preconceived ideas based on the person's race.

Now that we've given you the five examples of racism, take action against employees who display this behaviour.

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Warning: Never let your employees get away with these five examples of racism
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