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Watch out! The office Big Brother's watching you...

by , 10 October 2013
Can you install security cameras without your employee's knowing?

Yes, you can install security cameras. And let's be honest, who wouldn't like to catch a thieving employee red-handed on camera? It'll save you heaps of time when it comes to proving that he stole from you.

But before you even think of calling a company to come install cameras, you need to know what you can and can't do...

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Can you install security cameras without your employees knowing?
The answer to this is yes. BUT, it depends where you want to install them.
If you want to put a security camera in the employees' locker rooms or company bathroom then you have to tell them. This is because most people expect privacy in the bathroom. But be careful! You really need to have a good reason for wanting to put a camera in the locker rooms or company bathroom!
On the other hand, if you want to put a security camera in the general office area, where employees won't have an expectation of privacy, you don't have to tell them.
But be careful... Your employees also have rights when it comes to security cameras. Keep reading to find out what they are.
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Did you know your employees also have rights when it comes to privacy in the workplace?
You're perfectly within your rights to protect your property and economic interests. Especially when it comes to dishonest employees.
But you can't:
  • Search them without their permission;
  • Search their home for company property;
  • Search their property that they bring to work, unless you have their permission;
  • Seize any of their possessions - unless it's yours;
  • Infringe their rights in terms of private communication – which means you can't read their emails or check what they've been doing on their PCs without them knowing. You can do this through your monitoring and interception policy.
So now you know what you can and can't do to keep an eye on employees. Keep an eye out for Thursday's Bulletin where we'll discuss using polygraph tests to catch employees red-handed.
Until next time,
Taryn Strugnell

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Watch out! The office Big Brother's watching you...
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