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What being a manager means for your wardrobe...

by , 14 November 2013
Imagine this scenario; you go to meet your new lawyer to ask for legal advice and he arrives wearing torn jeans, a t-shirt with 'drinking is my hobby' on the front and a yellow baseball cap. Would his dress code instill much confidence in you? Likewise, your own attire will largely determine the degree of authority and respect you command before you even open your mouth. Before you check in at the office, check out your wardrobe according to this quick guide.

'If you think appearance doesn't count in the workplace, think again. While the quality of your work is the most important thing, your appearance has an immediate impact on your co-workers, including your bosses,' says the nest.com.

This statement doesn't only apply to employees; managers need to lead by example as well.

Are you a manager? Check out your wardrobe according to this guide

Opt for purpose-dressing: Everything you wear should serve a purpose. It should fit the nature of the meeting or help you achieve a specific goal in terms of your desired image.

Stand out, a little: While you don't want to look like a circus escapee, you shouldn't be out classed by the wallpaper either, says 144 Smart Strategies for Managers.

Colour will make all the difference. For men, this may refer to your choice of tie. For women, the dominant colour in your outfit, like a red blouse under a dark suit. Bear in mind that too much brown says 'old and defeated.'

Remember that Tabasco sauce is red: Use it, but do it discreetly and well. Red will always intensify emotion. The result is that if people agree with you, you'll increase the fervour of their response. If they disagree, you'll intensify their negative feelings. Whatever you are, you'll be more so in red.

White is a constant winner: As the most formal and conservative colour, white is the safest option for men's shirts and women's blouses. The best for men is a 100% cotton shirt with a tab collar, freshly starched. Periwinkle blue has a similar effect, without being quite so formal.

Prints look great, at wedding receptions: 'Women should be especially careful of strong patterns and prints in their wardrobes. Solid colours often work better, and of these, blue is the most respected colour when it comes to suits. Dark blue gives out messages of authority, calmness and command,' says 144 Smart Strategies for Managers.

Keep it straight: Be wary of swooping, curving or radical lines. When you dress to mean business, crisp, straight, vertical and horizontal lines are the way to go. In the same vein, if you're a woman, accessorise very moderately – no dangling earrings or bracelets or excessive jewellery.

Strike a balance: No single element – tie, necklace or shoes – should call attention to itself. The outfit must be one harmonious whole. The philosophy may be summed up this way says the book: Question: 'Did you notice my shoes?' Answer: 'No, I didn't.' Reply: 'Good! Then they were perfect!'

The Vault.com says that while we've all heard the saying, 'don't ever judge a book by its cover,' in the job search and in the professional world, that adage doesn't apply.

The site says, 'first impressions matter and the way people dress says a lot about them, from how much they respect their job to how much they respect themselves and even how far they are going to succeed.'

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What being a manager means for your wardrobe...
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