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You need to have an appointment letter so check your recruitment and selection policies

by , 11 June 2015
You may think you don't need an appointment letter, but the following testimony might prove you wrong. Keep in mind that showing an acting employee the job specification for the permanent position will highlight all the job's qualification requirements.

This will ensure:

• The employee is under no illusions about what it'll take to fill the job permanently;
• The employee has the chance to get the academic qualifications necessary or to get the necessary industry contacts or other key qualifications; and
• You're able to use the job specification as a means of assessing his performance and suitability as a candidate.

Pay attention to the fact that courts will punish unfair discrimination with severe compensation orders. The courts have the power to order you to appoint a person if you reject the application on discriminatory grounds.

This is why you need to have your recruitment and selection policies, procedures and practices very carefully checked by experts.

Moreover, it's your responsibility to train your managers to comply with the law.

Here's your recruitment and selection policy checklist

Include these points in your recruitment policy:

- An explanation of the need to stick to the policy.  The reason being acting fairly and legally.

- The list of areas of discrimination

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- The list of the four criteria for job suitability. In other words, qualifications, experience, prior learning and potential to acquire the skills.

- Details of what managers must and mustn't include in job ads.

- The requirement for interviewers not to ask discriminatory and irrelevant questions.

- The requirement to choose successful applicants on objective merit but with affirmative action targets in mind.

- The exclusion of irrelevant credit checks.

- The requirement for thorough and relevant reference checks.

- Emphasis to do valid and relevant tests in a consistent and fair manner

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You need to have an appointment letter so check your recruitment and selection policies
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