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File your provisional tax return in just five minutes by following these 13 easy steps

by , 27 January 2015
With the August deadline for provisional taxpayers fast approaching, you need to get your tax return in.

But you probably keep putting it off because you think the filling process is going to take you hours.

I'm here to tell you this isn't the case.

You can complete and submit your provisional tax return in just five minutes, if you follow these 13 easy steps...

These 13 steps will help you file your provisional tax return in just five minutes

Step #1: Log in to eFiling.
Step #2: Click on 'Returns' and then 'Returns Issued'.
Step #3: Click on Provisional Tax (IRP6).
Step #4: From the drop-down menu, select the provisional tax period and click the 'Request' button The IRP6 will now show as a line item. At the end of the line, click on the underlined word 'Open'.
Step #5: Choose to open the IRP6 with either Flash Player or ADOBE reader
Click 'IRP6'. You'll see this in the table, in the 'Return Type' column. The word IRP6 is hyperlinked – that's where you click.
Step #6: Check your personal details are correct.
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Step #7: Check the 'Historical Details' are correct, this includes:
  • The last year of assessment SARS assessed you in;
  • The taxable income you declared for that year of assessment; and
  • The basic amount declared.
Step #8: Make your estimate and indicate how much you owe SARS
If you're submitting a return for the first period, you MUST complete the following:
  • Estimated taxable income; and
  • Employees' tax for this period (i.e. six months).
Step #9: Check the total amount payable
The system automatically calculates the total amount you owe SARS. It pre-populates this amount on the form. Make a note of it so you can pay SARS the correct amount.
Step #10: Complete the Payment details
When you registered for eFiling, you should have selected the payment method you'll use. The form will reflect this already.
If you don't use eFiling, give SARS your payment reference number and the Beneficiary ID/Account number. Check these numbers are correct. Otherwise, the payment won't reflect in the correct tax period. And SARS will charge you non-compliance penalties for this!
Step #11: Make your declaration!
Enter the date at the bottom of the form in the date field. It's is the equivalent of your signature on a legal document.
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Step #12: Save!
If you've completed everything else correctly and all your calculations are correct, save your return. You can do this at any stage to prevent losing all the data and having to start the whole process over.
Step #13: Send the return to SARS
Once you're satisfied you've completed the return correctly, re-open the IRP6 and click 'File Return'.
This sends the provisional tax return through the eFiling system so it can check for any mistakes. For example, you forgot to complete one of the required fields. If there are any mistakes, the e-Filing system will tell you to fix it.
This whole process should take you from start to finish in just five minutes. So you'll be able to file your provisional tax return  in no time.
But to make sure you don't get stuck, make sure you keep your ten supporting documents on hand. Check out Provisional Tax 101 to find out what these are. 

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File your provisional tax return in just five minutes by following these 13 easy steps
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