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Planning to submit your February provisional tax return manually? Use eFiling instead

by , 15 January 2015
If you'll be submitting your February provisional tax return manually, you may want to reconsider that decision.

Not only is this time-consuming and inconvenient, it doesn't guarantee complete confidentiality.

So if the manual method isn't the best option what's the alternative?

SARS' eFiling service, of course.

Here are two good reasons why you should use it when you submit your provisional tax return in February.

Before we get to the reasons let's look at what eFiling is

eFiling is SARS' free online service that allows you to submit returns and declarations. It also allows you to make payments and interact with SARS online.
And there are a couple of good reasons to use it…

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Here's why you should use eFiling to submit your February provisional tax return

1. eFiling is fast, safe and convenient
eFiling is paperless and submissions are instant and reliable. You don't have to go to a SARS branch and you can do everything online in minutes.
The service also allows you to correct errors quickly.
According to SARS, under the returns history section, you can recall your return on the same day if you realise you made an error when submitting it.
2. eFiling ensures confidentiality

To prevent access without authority to any data, SARS encrypts all eFiling transmissions.
SARS says your bank provides the encryption for electronic payments it processes. And it holds this information in a secure format. It only becomes available if you want access to it.
SARS adds that another measure it has in place to ensure there's confidentiality is that, it makes sure your return meets strict identification standards before processing it. If it doesn't, it won't accept the form.
How do you sign an electronic return?
SARS embeds eFiling submissions with an electronic signature. Any return you submit via eFiling is legally equal to a physical return you sign. So you don't need to have a signature on an electronic return you submit via eFiling.

So how do you access eFiling?

You must first register to use the service. Go to www.sarsefiling.co.za, click on the 'Register' button and follow instructions on the screen.
Make sure you have these details to complete your registration:

  • Tax registration number;

  • ID number;and

  • Your personal details.

According to SARS, after you register, it will take between 24 and 48 hours before it electronically issues your returns to the eFiling service.
Don't take the long and unsafe route of submitting your February provisional tax return manually. Use eFiling now that you know all about its wonderful benefits.
PS: If you're still wary of using eFiling, check out Provisional Tax 101. It shows you how to complete and submit your provisional tax return (IRP6) via eFiling safely.

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Planning to submit your February provisional tax return manually? Use eFiling instead
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