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2013 is going to be the year of social HR: Here's how to join the trend!

by , 16 January 2013
The HR Pulse newsdesk reports that Forbes magazine has dubbed 2013 the year of social HR. Silk Road commissioned a study called the State of Social Technology and Talent Management. This stated that 75% of HR and talent leaders believe their respective companies need to improve their internal and external social media technology. Here are some trends you can put these resources to use when recruiting in your own company.

Forbes Magazine listed the following as its top five social media trends to watch for in HR in 2013:

1.    Companies will develop games for social media channels to transmit their message

This was well demonstrated by Deloitte, which developed badges as part of its Deloitte Leadership Academy. Employees who earned badges by, for example, completing various modules in the academy, could display these on Facebook, Twitter and the company intranet. Employees felt proud of their achievements and earning and displaying the badge made them feel good – and motivated them to achieve more.

2.    The traditional CV is being replaced by employees' personal brands

When advertising a job, recruiters will no longer ask to be sent CVs from potential candidates.

They'll rather look at:

a)    The top 10 search results from your name on Bing or Google;

b)    The number of Twitter followers you have;

c)    The size and quality of your LinkedIn following;

d)    The number and quality of recommendations you have on LinkedIn; and

e)    Your Klout score.

3.    People will evaluate you in terms of your Klout score

This score ranks you according to how many people you reach in social media, how much they trust you and what topics they trust you on.

4.    Personal branding will become a required skill

As stated above, the traditional CV will become a thing of the past and your personal brand will be responsible for getting you under the nose of the right recruiters. People with strong personal brands will get the job sooner than people with high IQs.

5.     Recruiters will find you first before you go looking for a job

HR executives in charge of recruiting or sourcing talent must know how to use social media tools to their advantage because they'll need to source candidates for particular jobs before putting out ads.

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2013 is going to be the year of social HR: Here's how to join the trend!
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