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Are you about to hire a fraud? Here's how to check their CV so you don't

by , 22 May 2014
Your very first contact with any job candidate comes in the form of their CV. This is where your first impression of them comes from. You'll then decide to interview the candidate based on the information in their CV.

But how will you know if this information is true?

If you don't check CVs thoroughly, you may start down the wrong path and hire a fraud. Here's how to check a CV so this doesn't happen.

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What to look for when you do CV checks

You should check a candidate's CV briefly when you receive it. When you take the next step in interviewing them, you must check it again, thoroughly this time. This will help you prepare for the interview. It'll help you find any areas of concern you want to prod in the interview. 
Here's what the Practical guide to Human Resources for Managers says you must look for:
- Is the information consistent? Look for changes in titles or job description that may show the information isn't consistent.
- Make sure all the dates follow on correctly. If they don't, make a note to prod for information about any dates or gaps in time.
- Look out for a series of short term jobs and temporary positions. 
- Make a note to ask about any items that don't have enough information about the job responsibilities. 
- Ensure the CV is fully up-to-date. If it isn't, be sure to ask and check the candidate's current job and responsibilities.
Once you've done that, you should also look for these errors...
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Errors to watch out for when you do CV checks

Look out for:
- Typos and spelling errors;
- Grammatical errors;
- Too much information;
- Too many details;
- The CV isn't targeted at the specific job; and
- Tense inconsistency.
These may seem like minor mistakes, but they could indicate someone who doesn't care, misses fine details or even the big picture. 
Use the information and areas of concern you got from the CV review to create your questions about the candidate's education or work experience.  Then follow up on them in the interview
This will help you to see if the candidate is telling the truth or if they're guilty of CV fraud

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