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Are you making these two crucial mistakes when recruiting?

by , 20 March 2014
Some employers are their own worst enemies when it comes to recruitment. They keep on making the same mistakes and not realising that these errors have far-reaching consequences for the company. Don't fall into the same trap. Avoid these two mistakes when recruiting.

Two mistakes you MUST avoid when recruiting

Mistake #1: Failing to do follow ups: Labour Net says every candidate you turn down is at the very least a potential customer, at best a person you'll want to hire.

The reality is that job seekers hate it when they apply for a job and never hear a word back and they're not shy about sharing their feelings with others.

That's why it's in your best interest to create a simple system that lets you stay, as best as possible, in the good graces of the people you don't hire.

'Treat job seekers with the same courtesy and respect you extend to your own customers. In the long run, it definitely pays off.'


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Mistake #2: Failing to manage relationships: Every job seeker has heard, 'we'll keep your information on file and will contact you if we have future openings'.

Labour Net says every job seeker also knows that the company that says this will never get back to them.

If you do this, perhaps it's time to take a different approach.

The site says a percentage of the people who apply for your opening already have a job so they may still be interested in working for you six months from now.

'If you don't select a candidate but he or she is definitely a person you may want to hire in the future, set up a simple system that allows you to stay in touch. See great people as leads; you wouldn't throw away a lead, would you?'

Remember that first impressions last. You certainly don't want job applicants to have a negative impression about your company. So make sure you avoid these two mistakes when recruiting.

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