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Are you sabotaging your recruitment drive by committing these four mistakes?

by , 23 October 2014
The goal of recruitment is to find the right candidate who meets the job requirements.

But most recruiters fail to achieve this goal.

As a result, they end up making mistakes that cost them money and time.

Keep reading to discover the four common mistakes recruiters make so you'll avoid sabotaging your recruitment drive.

Don't sabotage your recruitment drive by committing these four mistakes

According to allbusiness.com, the four most common recruiting mistakes include:
1. Failing to look in-house
Often the best candidates may be right under your nose. Not considering your in-house employees not only causes you to bypass some very good candidates, it also has an effect on morale and team spirit.
2. Looking for an exact replica
According to the site, some people think you should look for a person who has done the exact same job in the exact same industry at a very similar company. But that overlooks innovation, new ideas and potential progress.
The site adds, 'past behavior is an indicator of future behavior, provided nothing ever changes. Since that's not the case in the business world, you're often served well by skilled candidates who have something new to offer.'
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3. Not providing a complete job description
You significantly slow the recruiting process down by interviewing people who should not be applying for the position in the first place. By providing an accurate description of the job, you can narrow down your candidate pool and make the process easier.
4. Looking for a superhero
According to allbusiness.com, there are job descriptions that endlessly go on and on, looking for a specific background, traits, characteristics, degrees, specific computer skills and so on.
The site says it's usually the result of too many people involved in the recruitment process. In the end, time's wasted and the position's rarely filled because nobody measures up.
The moral of the story: When recruiting, don't set standards only a superhero can meet.
Now that you know about these mistakes, avoid them at all costs so you won't sabotage your recruitment drive.
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Are you sabotaging your recruitment drive by committing these four mistakes?
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