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Avoid an SABC type scandal by using these tips to verify your employee's qualifications

by , 15 July 2014
There's another scandal at the SABC.

No. We're not talking about the 'irregular' appointment of Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who gained the chief operations officer position without the post being advertised.

The fresh scandal we're talking about relates to the SABC's chairwoman, Ellen Tshabalala.

News reports suggest she lied to parliament about her qualifications. She allegedly said she'd graduated from Unisa with a BCom and a postgraduate diploma in labour relations.
But, Unisa denies awarding her these qualifications.

This scandal has once again cast the spotlight on the problem of fraudulent qualifications.

Use these tips to verify your employee's qualifications so you can avoid a similar situation.

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Before we get to how you must verify qualifications, let's take a look at the checks you can legally do on a candidate's CV

Before you hire a new employee, make sure their CV is correct by doing these six background checks.

  1. ID number verification;
  2. Driver's licence verification;
  3. Criminal record checks;
  4. Credit checks;
  5. Qualification verification; and
  6. Company links.

You must do these checks before you commit to employing the applicant.

You can either do them after a first interview or second interview if you follow a two-step interview process. The important thing is that you do the checks before you hire.

To be on the safe side with background checks, it's best you ask for the candidates' permission first.

Now let's get to how you must verify qualifications.

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Use these two tips to verify an employee's qualifications

Tip #1: Contact the record office of the relevant learning institution (university/university of technology, etc).

Tip #2: Make sure you have the candidate's student number and year of qualification. Learning institutions will gladly tell you if they awarded the said qualification if you have these details.

It's that simple to verify qualifications. So make sure you're not duped by employees when you hire.

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Avoid an SABC type scandal by using these tips to verify your employee's qualifications
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