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Before you hire a candidate, consider these three crucial factors

by , 23 October 2014
Your recruitment drive is almost complete.

• You put together a great job description;
• You drafted a winning job advert using your job description and sent it out;
• You attracted great candidates and were able to short-list the ones who met job requirements;
• You prepared well for the interview;
• You conducted first and second interviews as well as practical assessments; and
• You did thorough background checks.

Now it's down to the wire, you're at a stage where you're ready to hire the best candidate.

But before you hire, we recommend you consider these three crucial factors first...

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Three factors you must consider before you hire

Here are three critical factors Human Resources Expert, Susan M. Heathfield recommends you consider before you select and hire your candidate:
1. Review the feedback information from people who were part of your interview team.
Input from people who were involved deserves attention and review and will help you make your final decision.
2. If you've been able to get feedback from former supervisors of the potential employee, you have a goldmine to review.
Yes, people change says Heathfield, but not that much and not so quickly. So, performance feedback and, especially the positive response to the question, 'Would you rehire this employee' should be a powerful factor in your decision to make a job offer.
3. A powerful question that needs an answer when you consider making a candidate a job offer is whether the candidate will continue to grow his skills in your organisation.
You must see evidence of a commitment to growth.
If a candidate doesn't have this commitment prior to your job offer, he won't suddenly obtain it when you hire him to do your job, says Heathfield.
Taking these factors into account will go a long way towards helping you hire the best candidate.
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Before you hire a candidate, consider these three crucial factors
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