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Develop new talent in your business by hiring someone 'wet behind the ears'

by , 24 December 2014
Without the right skills, your company won't improve or grow. But it isn't always easy to find employees with the right skills... So why not look at hiring someone fresh out of Varsity? Someone you can mould and groom to your standards.

The best way to do this is by implementing a graduate recruitment programme. Let's see what and how this could be the best way for you to grow...

Four benefits of having a graduate recruitment program

  1. Graduates are affordable. Because they don't have any work experience, they 'cost' less to hire.

  2. Graduates are easier to mould. Since they don't have any work experience, they won't have any methods of doing their work. This means you can mould them into your company culture and your way of doing things. It's easier and faster to train them in new skills instead of trying to change the way they did the tasks before.

  3. Graduates can give you new perspective. They might not have experience, but they do have fresh ideas and think creatively.

  4. Graduates will also give value for speed. Graduates learn more quickly than employees with experience. They're more enthusiastic and willing to take on challenges you give them. They tend to understand new concepts better and have the ability to adapt to change quicker.

Now let's look at how to hire graduates through your recruitment programme...


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Four top tips to hire graduates:

  1. Create a team to oversee the graduate recruitment programme. They'll help you plan, develop and measure it to make sure you achieve your goal of recruiting the right graduates for your company.

  2. Plan how you'll hire and appoint graduates. Will you contact colleges and universities across the country to tell them you're looking to hire graduates? Or will you ask a recruitment agency to do this for you?

    You could attend open days and give a short presentation on your company and why they should work for you.

  3. Once you know how you will proceed, closely manage and coordinate the recruitment, assessment and appointment of graduates. Look at what they've studied and which areas you can hire them in your company. Have someone in your company oversee and guide them in their work.

  4. Conduct a 'Training Needs Analysis' to find out which skills the graduates need. Or do the graduates have all the skills you need?

You can also think about using graduates to fill short-term contracts.
Offer graduates and entry-level students holiday jobs or short-term assignments to give them work experience. You will build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the business world.
These jobs will also give them a chance to test career options while you're testing them as well. This saves you the cost of hiring someone full-time only to find he's isn't the right fit. You can spend more time finding the candidate who has the skills, qualifications and experience you're looking for.

For another four top tips to hire graduates, check out August Labour Watch Newsletter. Still not a subscriber? Find out more here...

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Develop new talent in your business by hiring someone 'wet behind the ears'
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