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Do this if you find a fraud hiding in your candidate pile

by , 22 May 2014
You have an opening in your company. You put out a perfect job advertisement. You get in applications and CVs from a large number of candidates. You find your perfect candidate. You interview him and then you discover his CV is fake.

What do you don't?

The only thing worse than realising your perfect candidate is a fraud, is hiring him. But how do you actually deal with a fraudulent CV? Read on to find out...

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There's only one way to deal with a fraudulent CV

There's really only one thing you can do if you discover a candidate's CV is fraudulent. You must put it in the bin and make a record that the candidate's CV is fake. 
This will help you save time if that candidate applies for any more position with your company. You can see his name and know not to consider him.
The best way to find out if a CV is fraudulent is to do careful CV checks and do reference checks.
But what should you do if you've already hired him?
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Use this tip to deal with an employee who fraudulently misrepresented himself on his CV

If you discover your employee has fraudulently misrepresented himself, start the disciplinary process straight away on the grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation. The Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers advises you to use these documents in the disciplinary process:
- The employees original CV;
- The notes you took during the interview and interview questionnaires; and
- The information you got through background checks.
But remember, you can only fire your employee for this if your disciplinary code says fraudulent misrepresentation is a fireable offence.
And while you could still take the employee to court for fraud, it may not be worth your time. 
There you have it: While knowing how to deal with a fraud is important, knowing how to spot on is even more crucial. If you're not sure how to do that, check out this article for the tips you need.

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Do this if you find a fraud hiding in your candidate pile
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