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Do you have the perfect script for a job interview?

by , 20 February 2015
Tell me, what do you think the perfect script for a job interview looks like? If you could write your own script, how would that go?

More precisely, do you think you know what is a correct job interview question?

First of all, you need to know that plenty of things changed and when you encounter an interview that just seems unproper, you have to keep in mind that the company policy may very well be similar to the treatment they follow during an interview.

Common interview questions used to follow a specific script and often employers would not pay attention to the very qualities they were looking for. Either you are a recruiter or someone looking for a new job, the best thing for you is to understand how making the conversation human and giving up the old script can take you a thousand steps ahead.

Therefore, head hunter or not, the following not so common rules should be followed during an interview. Mind you, these are not the old strict questions because we are thinking ahead and we are trying to implement new modern techniques of recruitment:

1. Have a casual conversation over a cup of coffee because you are talking to a human person, not a robot.

Knowing this, you will find it very easy to even participate to an interview! And it doesn't matter whether you are an employer or someone interested in a new workplace. The experience becomes now pleasant instead of a source of nervousness and emotions!

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2. Yes, you still have to have some ideas about the company's culture but do not memorize their entire history.

And this is important for the employer: you don't have to ask questions in order to know if the person is interested in the company. If the person in front of you tells you each important year in the company's background, would you be convinced that you have the right person in front you? A person with a very good memory, maybe.

3. Be creative! We established that you no longer care about the old script.

So now you can make your own rules. What do you want from your future employee? Or, if you're the one who wants a new job, what are you looking for as qualities to be found in a company? What do you think about an interview which cares about the person and not the role anyone could play?

Have these rules in mind for the next job interview and remember to care about the human factor!

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Do you have the perfect script for a job interview?
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