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Do you know the four kinds of questions every job interview should include?

by , 06 May 2014
When it comes to interview questions, some are just there to set the tone and give more information, while others are important to really see if this candidate is THE candidate for the job. Read on to find out the four kinds of questions every job interview you should include to ensure you find the best candidate...

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The four kinds of questions every job interview should include

There are lots of different kinds of things you'll ask in an interview. 
General interview questions and answers are there to set the tone, break the ice and make the interviewee feel at ease. 
Once you've done that, you need to find out if this person is right for the job. So you need to ask these four different kinds of questions:
1. Personal: Personal questions about what kind of working environment they enjoy can reveal the social dynamic they like. If someone appears to be anti social or overly social it may raise red flag. Just be careful because there are some personal questions you should never ask.
2. Background: Understanding where someone has come from in their career and personal life can help you see what their goals and values are. It'll also help you pick up possible warning signs
These two types' questions for an interview look closely at the kind of person the candidate is. The next two job interview questions look more at how they work and what they want to achieve...
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Two more job interview question types to see how a candidate works

3. Work experience: Asking about positive and negative work experience will show you what the candidate is strong and weak at. This is a better way to ask about their strength and weakness. 
4. Relationship: This doesn't mean their personal relationships with friends and romantic partners. Rather ask about working relationships. STLToday.com recommends you ask about the best boss they've ever had. This'll help you see how they'll fit in, in your company.
Use all of these different types of interview questions and answers and you'll get a clear picture of who your candidate really is.

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Do you know the four kinds of questions every job interview should include?
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