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Do you know what to include in your offer of employment letter?

by , 29 October 2014
Congratulations! You've found the perfect candidate.

Finally, the stressful recruitment process is almost over because now you'll be more concerned about induction training and preparing his workstation.

But before you move into that stage, you must send the candidate an offer of employment letter that complies with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

Read on to find out what to include in your offer of employment letter.

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Here's what to include in your offer of employment letter

Your offer of employment must comply with the BCEA. It must include:
1. The date.
2. The candidate's name (for example, Dear Mr Sipho Dlamini.)
3. An explanation of why you're writing the letter (for example, 'I am pleased to confirm your offer of employment by (company name) in the position of (appointed position) for the (division/department/region/branch').
4. When employment will commence.
5. The position.
6. Who the employee will report to.
7. Where the employee will be located (include office location's physical address);
8. The terms and conditions. You can, for example say, 'This offer of employment is subject to:
  • The signing of a performance contract which will detail your job outputs, focus areas and expected key performance targets, and
  • The satisfactory completion of a three month probationary period.'
9. The remuneration package.
10. A statement that says the candidate must indicate if he accepts the job offer. For example, 'Kindly indicate your acceptance of the above by signing below and returning it (by fax: ………………..) to……………. on or before (insert the day) ……../……../……..'
11. Your contact details and your name.
12. Where the candidate must sign and the date if he accepts the offer.
Now that you know what to include in your offer of employment letter, make sure your letter complies with the BCEA.
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