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Doing induction training? Here's what you must cover when it comes to company culture

by , 22 May 2014
When you do induction training, it's crucial that you also focus on company culture. By this we mean your company's personality and what defines it.

If you don't explain this to your employees, they won't know what you allow and what you don't. And you'll find it hard to discipline them because you didn't lay down the law from the onset.

Read on to find out what to cover when you explain the company culture during induction training.


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Cover these three things when you explain company culture during induction training

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says you must clarify company culture issues like:

#1: Language

Here, you must confirm the language in your company and enforce a rule that when employees are with colleagues who aren't from the same language group, they must switch over to the language of the company.

Be very clear about what language boundaries you allow. For example, you might tolerate swearing and foul language or adopt a zero tolerance policy to any form of swearing or foul language.

#2: Respect policy and code of conduct

If, for example, your company is formal and you want junior staff to address senior employees by their title and surname, use this policy to make it very clear.

You must stress your company's stance when it comes to respect and dignity.

Tell employees that you don't tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of abuse or harassment, including sexual harassment.

There's one more thing you must cover during induction training when it comes to company culture. And it's about appearance…


The critical clauses you must include in your new hire's employment contract

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#3: Dress code

Here, you must make it clear when employees can wear casual clothes or if; for example, there's a specific dress code when employees attend meetings.

If you don't make tell employees what your company culture is, they won't live up to your values and what you stand for. So make sure you explain the company culture during induction training.

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Doing induction training? Here's what you must cover when it comes to company culture
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