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Don't hire the wrong employee

by , 09 January 2017
Don't hire the wrong employeeI'm sure you know the best potential employees prepare for an interview. They study, they research and they rehearse. They think about what they can say to make you hire them over anyone else.

But what about you?

Do you make sure you're prepared to ask the right questions? Do you get the right information from the candidate to make sure he can do the job?

If not, you could be hiring the wrong person … And that means back to the drawing board again to fill the position.
So avoid these three mistakes when interviewing people to make sure you aren't hiring the wrong person….
The right way to draw up your employment contracts!
You must give your employees the terms and conditions of their employment in writing.
This document can take the form of a letter of appointment, or you can create a more formal contract of employment – the form doesn't matter it's the content that's important. Getting your employee to sign the document avoids disputes about whether or not it was given and what it contains.
You must do this when the employee starts employment and you must retain the document for at least three years after termination of the employment relationship.
Keep reading here to find out the right way to do this.


Three interviewing mistakes you must never make…
1) How often have you asked a candidate what his weakness are?

Every time, I'm sure. But what exactly is it that YOU get out of the question?
Let's be real for a minute… We've all heard the 'well, I'm a perfectionist and a bit OCD when it comes to following processes. But hey, I suppose that could be a strength too {stifled giggle}'.
What exactly did you do with that information? Nothing I'm sure.
Avoid this mistake!
Instead of asking him what his weaknesses are – rather develop a few questions that relate to the job itself. For example: if you need someone to adapt quickly to changes in the environment… Ask him how flexible he is when it comes to changes.

2) Do you know exactly what you're looking for in a candidate?

It's easy to meet someone for the first time and like them… Especially when they've got their 'game face' on and looking to impress you in an interview.
And it's so easy to get distracted by a perfect smile, and the perfect answers to all your questions, that sometimes you forget to make sure the person will actually fit the position.
It's all fine and well that you're looking for a neat, well-presented receptionist, but can she actually do the admin and travel bookings you need her to?
Avoid this mistake!
Have a checklist of attributes you know the candidate must have to fulfil the position. Make sure she ticks all the boxes – no matter how much you like her 'as a person'. Define the capacities, attitudes, personality traits, and skills it takes to be successful in the position.
3) Do you really know if you're being hoodwinked?

You could land up interviewing someone who's an 'interview expert'… He reads the books and knows the answers you want to hear to make a great impression. And ultimately you land up with a bum employee who isn't what you expected.
Avoid this mistake!
Prepare questions that aren't standard interview questions. This way you can make sure the candidate isn't trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
We've updated the Labour Law for Managers, which include 10 questions to ask to get the most relevant information from the interview… So if you're not already a subscriber, click here now to make sure you don't miss this update.

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Don't hire the wrong employee
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