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Don't only rely on the interview to assess a candidate! Use these five hiring methods to supplement it

by , 23 October 2013
The more ways you use to assess a candidate, the more the results will reflect the truth about the candidate's skills and knowledge. So don't only rely on the interview process, use diverse ways to assess a candidate. Here are five hiring methods you can use to supplement the interview.

One of most common mistake most managers make is to rely only on the interview to assess a candidate.

Don't make the same mistake.

Make sure you DON'T hire the best actor, but rather the best candidate.

'Interview candidates can simply 'act' the part. They may tell you what they think you want to hear because they really want the job,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

So don't trust the interview alone to really reveal the truth about a candidate. You must supplement your assessment process with any other recruitment method.

Use one or more of these other hiring methods to supplement the interview:

#1: Assessment centre: With this method, practical skills are measured through a series of real-life exercises (for example, the in-basket test).

#2: Psychometric assessments: This is when an approved series of psychological tests is conducted.

#3: Candidate presentations: With this method, interviewees prepare a presentation on a job-critical topic to present to the interview panel.

#4: Portfolio of evidence: You can ask the candidate to present their portfolio. This will prove past experience and achievements (for example, project plans, certificates and evaluations).

#5: Testimonials and references: You should also ask for testimonials and references from respected industry sources and relevant people. For example, previous managers, team members, colleagues, and project managers.

There you have it. Use these diverse ways to assess a candidate. That way you'll have a greater chance of hiring a candidate who meets the requirements for good performance in the position.

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Don't only rely on the interview to assess a candidate! Use these five hiring methods to supplement it
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