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Don't pay up to R2.7 million because you didn't hire someone 'by the book'!

by , 18 January 2016
With all the drastic changes to the labour laws, it's hard to keep on top of them. And believe it, or not, one small mistake could cost you up to R2.7 million or 10% of your annual turnover in fines for non-compliance, and even mistakes.

You need to make sure your recruitment and selection policy is fair and in line with the new labour laws.

And I'll show you how...

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10 items you must have in your recruitment and selection policy

Let's look at the 10 items your policy should include to be legally compliant…

1. Who the policy applies to and who has authority to change it
2. Legal requirements you must comply with
3. Type of position you need to recruit for
4. How you will advertise the vacancy
5. The type of interview process

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6. Reference and background checks you must conduct
7. How to offer candidates the position
8. Probationary period
9. How you'll inform unsuccessful applicants
10. How you'll appoint internal applicants

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Don't pay up to R2.7 million because you didn't hire someone 'by the book'!
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