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Don't want 'bad apples'? Here's what you need to do avoid them when recruiting new staff

by , 25 October 2013
The Labour Relations Act makes it increasingly difficult for you to dismiss employees. That's why it makes a great deal of sense for you to adhere to the old maxim: 'prevention is better than cure' by making sure you hire employees who will work to your standards of behaviour and performance. This will help you bypass the need for constant disciplinary problems. How can you do this? Implement sound recruitment and selection practices. Here's what you need to do when recruiting and selecting staff.

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says that if you staff your company 'inexpertly, you're likely to hire 'bad apples' and breach the provisions of the Employment Equity Act.'

Don't get stuck with bad apples!

Make the right recruitment decisions upfront.

Use this checklist to implement sound recruitment and selection practices

#1: Based on your overall business plan for the next three to ten years, analyse and plan the skills you'll need and the number of employees necessary to achieve your business goals.

#2: Decide, for each job, what abilities the employee needs to have (design the job spec).

#3: Design your job advert accordingly.

#4: Place your job advert in a publication read by a broad cross-section of the population.

#5: Screen the CVs received against your job spec.

#5: Get the viable candidates to complete an application form in which they give you permission to check whatever references you wish to check.

#6: Check all relevant references thoroughly against your job spec.

#7: Interview a shortlist of applicants. Use panel interviews only for key positions where the panel will be able to provide relevant input.

#8: Test the job applicants' skills before appointing them so you can minimise the risk of poor work performance.

Recruitment isn't an exact science. Every now and again, you WILL choose the wrong person. But the tests and checks discussed above will minimise the risk of appointing the wrong candidate.

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Don't want 'bad apples'? Here's what you need to do avoid them when recruiting new staff
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