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Dozens of top cops are criminals - are your employees?

by , 16 August 2013
Dozens of high ranking cops have criminal records! That's right! The people charged with your public safety don't even bother to check their applicant's backgrounds. Are you making the same mistake? Here's why background checks are important for your business...

The South African Police Service has come under fire recently as its most senior officers have criminal records, TimesLive reports. Even a major-general is among the ranks of convicted criminals.
The question becomes… Who hired these officers? Why wasn't a background check a mandatory part of the hiring process?
It may be crucial for SAPS to check for criminal records, but it's important for your business too
You must conduct thorough background checks whenever someone new enters your business. You can also check the criminal records of those currently working for you.
A recent study cited in Labour Law for Managers showed that 17% of applicants researched had a criminal record. That's one out of six applicants.
One out of every six employees could have a criminal past
The SAPS case shocked the world because the police service must prevent and prosecute crime! You must keep the nature of your business in mind when you check your staff's backgrounds.
Labour Law for Managers says that if you find someone with a criminal record already working for you, you can't just fire them for this fact alone. But if they were dishonest, or performed misconduct then that's a different story. Always follow fair dismissal procedure if you want to dismiss a worker.

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Dozens of top cops are criminals - are your employees?
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