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Five questions you should never ask during an interview

by , 02 March 2017
Five questions you should never ask during an interviewI'm sure you know by now that the law doesn't allow any discrimination against an employee or job applicant (Employment Equity Act).

So when you plan your interviews with job applicants, protect yourself and your company by making sure you avoid questions that may be discriminatory. Because if you're found guilty of discrimination, you could get a penalty of up to 10% of your business turnover.

To help you stay complaint, take note of the below five questions that may be seen as discriminatory...

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Questions you cannot ask in an interview

1. Are you disabled?
As a general rule, you can't ask questions during job interviews that elicit information about a disability, unless of course, not having any disability is an inherent requirement of the job. Always start with a job description that includes the essential functions of the position.

But you can ask: Can you meet the attendance requirements of this job?

2. Have you got AIDS? When last were you tested for HIV/AIDS?
You can't unfairly discriminate against applicants on the grounds of HIV and AIDS.

3. Are you close to retirement?
While it's legitimate for you to consider job candidates' experience, you can't take age as a determining factor. Unless there is a legal minimum, such as a position serving alcohol.

4. What is the origin of your last name?
You may not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race unless it is justified.

5. Are you married?
A candidate's marital status has nothing to do with his capabilities to do the job.

There are actually more than five questions you should never ask during an interview. Turn to chapter I06 of your Labour Law for Managers Handbook to see all the questions so you can be 100% compliant. If you don't have a copy yet, click here.

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Five questions you should never ask during an interview
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