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Follow these two overlooked recruitment steps to guarantee you conduct a successful interview every time

by , 21 October 2014
When it comes to interviews, you know you must follow these steps:

• Prepare for the interview;
• Create comfortable interview environment; and
• Take good notes during the interview.

While it's all good and well to follow these steps, there are two other effective steps you're neglecting. And by overlooking them, you're missing out on an opportunity to conduct a successful interview.

Read on to find out what these two steps are so you'll no longer overlook them when conducting interviews.

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Following these two overlooked steps will guarantee you conduct a successful interview

Step # 1: Stay in control
Asking open-ended questions could result in the applicant offering too much information, rambling or going off the topic, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.
This is when you must be firm and get the applicant to stay on the topic.
If he starts to ramble, interrupt firmly, but pleasantly, and remind him of the initial question. Make your question more direct if the applicant didn't understand you the first time.
Remember, you're looking for factual information as well as an insight into the applicants' personal attributes but you don't want to waste time with arbitrary information.
Step # 2: Close off the interview professionally
Most interviewers overlook this important step.

Big mistake.
You started the interview on a strong note, so it makes sense to end it on an even stronger and polite note.
You must close off the interview by asking the applicant if they have any questions.
You must answer these as honestly as possible without giving away confidential information.
It's also a good idea to let the candidate know the process you're going to follow, e.g. you'll conduct reference checks, background checks and process any psychometric tests he's completed.
To guarantee you conduct a successful interview every time, always follow these two overlooked recruitment steps.
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Follow these two overlooked recruitment steps to guarantee you conduct a successful interview every time
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